The Year of Radio Silence

by Disease

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" The year of radio silence " is a concept album about the difficulty in the relationship with the world and the other people , the impossibility to be yourself outside for the complexity of our feelings and the fear to be hurt . TYORS is a concept about the silence between people and the eternal wait for a change that never comes .
TYORS is also the breaking point in our life , the moment between what we were and what we will be , the new morning after the fall of the sky ,the irradiant light of the courage of changing for a new tomorrow .

Hope you will enjoy our music .


released May 10, 2016

The year of radio silence

Recorded mixed and mastered by Disease during spring summer 2015

Music & Lyrics by Flavio arranged by Disease .
Don't you (forget about me) original music & lyrics by Simple Minds , all right reserved .

Disease 2017 are :

Flavio Tempesta : guitars & vocals
Leonardo Orazi : bass
Marco Mastruzzi : guitars
Loris Santini : drums



all rights reserved


Disease Rome, Italy

Extreme Progressive Metal Band based in Rome since 1994.
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Track Name: Floodgate
Incorporeal steel barriers
golden cages without the key
present , future built from the past
fast images deceive my mind .
There's no entry in this sanctuary
there's no exit from this labyrinth ,
confused plans of false existences dance
while the edge of sanity burns out

inside ... there is a floodgate inside my heart
inside ... there is a floodgate
inside ... there is a fear to start to break the wall
and let to flow out the feelings

night streets wet by red pale lights
faces , places remembrances
day dreams drugged by consoling lies
annihilate me ,closing my trust

Situations that I've never lived .
costant flashback from day at night ,

Concentrical nightmares and ephemeral desires
Fractured souls for a false world demise

the need to be alive
against the fear of their eyes
the will to take control to see outside this room
I'll take the force to walk
straight to the new morning sun

il bisogno di risposte ai nostri dubbi
si scontra con la paura di rivelarci
ma se cadiamo nell'errore di perdere la luce
sospesi nella follia dimenticheremo anche il nostro nome

confront the fear to live
far away from any incoherent word and lie
the torment inside ,outside ,arises
ghostly images of ruin will swallow the last ray of sun ,hopeless
Track Name: Sleepwalking life
I am sliding every time
through transparent days
dreaming other lives
in different places
hidden fantasies
melted inside the pain
One day I fell to sleep
then I forgot the way to stay awake
could I ever do it again ?

(I) don't look back the angst I've got for my lost days
the blur is everywhere and changes the things again and again
paranoia drives the misconceptions
the blur is everywhere and changes the things again and again

over the deceit
of every illusive gaze
when things can't take their sense
and the answers can't arrive
Inconsistent souls
so beautiful in surface
sometimes so near to me
the echoes of their lies deceive me
in my labyrinth of thoughts

a new morning in my tears
for something that was not real
The failure in my hands
relentless is my blame.
Waiting for a sign
in my sleepwalking life
a way to take my self and my life again

Dancing through the trees ,fell the sun behind
everything was real ,the colours all around
Life was so beautifull
life was so pure
Running through the street before the sunshine
holding every dream and the hope to realize it
Things were so beautifull
life was so pure

years narcotyzed in a sterile died wait
I became so numb riding my destructive way
insensible wires're switching off the life inside
stealing the vital light from my unraveled eyes ...
in this sleepwalking life
Track Name: Leading light
There's something new in the flow of my days .
Something was hidden or lost in the shade of the time .
Unfocused visions confused in the mist .
I'm feeling naked in my new reality .
Climbing the past .
Crushing over
a false world I've never wanted
chained to a conviction that's not mine .
Incomprensible forced beliefs
in contraddiction with what I've been .
Asking slowly
answers for understanding .
I wear the scars that you have sewn for me .
Estranged from a cowardly selfishness ,
hidden in falses faded smiles .
Redeem from torments ,
I need a way that can be real ,
painting with new bright colours a world turned in black and white
And so I understand the real meaning of these days
maybe you'll understand , you'll understand , you'll understand .
Sometimes we drift away
lost in translucent places ...
One day you'll understand ,I'll understand , we'll understand
I descended deep inside
in a tangled web of emotions.
In that place there was no light ,
I remember cold and loneliness .
I was falling asleep
on the bottom of the universe
but then through the dark ,
a leading light came back on my path .
Take the shelter
where I can find the real peace .
Out from nowhere ,
into the life that is real .
Track Name: Falling skies
And comes the time to redefine me ,
to embrace the breeze when silence ends to stay .
And comes the time for realizing
where the dream dies and starts reality
What I've believed was broken off
nobody has heard, nobody knows ,
a perfect day for a goodbye so unexpected .
And comes the time to reconnect me
to leave behind voices and elusive dreams
but don't believe that I forgot it ,
vivid images impressed on my soul .
What I believe was broken off
no one has heard, no one knows ,
a perfect day for a goodbye so unexpected .
Casting away every day gone
watching around over the clouds .
Reverb of thoughts ,just nothing more
under a falling sky ...