5th Wave, Endless

by Disease

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Music, lyrics and concept by Flavio, all arrangements by Disease.
Words and concept in "Your venom through my veins" are inspired by James O'Barr's "The Crow" comic book.


released October 1, 2005

Produced by Deadbang Records and Disease. Recorded during spring - summer 2004 at Psychotic Reaction Studios in Velletri (RM). Mixed by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome during Febrary 2005.



all rights reserved


Disease Rome, Italy

Extreme Progressive Metal Band based in Rome since 1994.
Visit diseaseprogstreme.blogspot.com
Booking, info & merch: diseasemetal@libero.it

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Track Name: Empowering from chaos
In this cold sadness I will stand, forever.
In darkness, in madness.
In this cold cradle I will sleep, forever.
How many time I can spend to hate myself?
This is the last call for retribution, for the present and past.
This is the last prostration to this silent decay.

In this cold obliteration,
I can find a little peace of mind.
Shines the eternal devastation that erases my secret dreams.

Arise, fire from the ashes
Fly high into the deep blue sky
Resplend as the lighter star
Eternal, my secret vision.

Crimson mountains paints the sky with red blood colours
to show step by step, the real way to my inner identity.
The awakening from the abyss.

Empowering from chaos to take my identity.
open my mind to the realms of chaos.
Arises the intelligence upon this pain
Forget the body, start to fly again.

I am the lord of this dominion and from my throne I wathch this splendent sunset.

And from this sadness I will stand.
Forever I will hear the descant of the stars,
and refresh my spirit in this lightly speech.
Taking the beauty of life from the essence of a moment.
I disappair in the air.

As the light of a candle that dances strong in the wind,
I will live eternitly on your breath
Track Name: After
After the storm we are reborn invinvibles
To abnegade the crisis and blast off all the lies

A vision in the night,
another day to die.

Why whe could feel this human decay?

In this cold life, I 'll awake my self
In this cold life, I can't fall again
In this cold life, I can't loose my faith

Can you remember all the pain I've passed, now?
The perfect day to die.

Into the abyss, into my soul, into the abyss, for ever in my soul.

Can't suffocate the istinct,
it vibes throught my flesh.
Upon the false costrinction
I'll raise my head again

Into the abyss, into my soul, into the abyss, for ever in my soul.

Atfer the storm we are reborn

Can you remember all the pain, I'm falling down
regurgitate by sand.
Can you remember all the pain, I'm falling down
The perfect day to die

I'm here upon this silent place, a vision in the night
a velvet shadow on my head.
Track Name: Your venom through my veins
A vision in the night
the coldest kiss to say goodbye to my no-life of pain.

A dead man walks again,
a shadow burnt by hate embraces the night,
I am here again

now all is clear
I know it's real
this my repulsion.
So will fall down
my future hopes,
then will go out
all my emotions.

I'm screaming in pain,
for this new day,
When I return to punish crimes.
I vomit hate,
bloodthirst is mine,
I am obsessed by her image.

Can I feel you venom throught my veins.
Can I intoxicate your life with pain.
Can I eat your life and disappair
I'll await here in the dark

Footstep from the past arounds my head
Torment is more concrete than my remembrances.

A sick thirst darkens my veins
there is a clock that never strike.
a flash behold my eyes,
this atrocity exhibition
Chains of flesh & nerves inside my arms
And here I stand inside a tower of thoughts.

I am the ghost you will fear.
I'll give you pain and bulletts.
Shall not forget and not forgive.

Can i feel you venom throught my veins.
Can i intoxicate yur life with pain.
Can i eat your life and disappair
I'll await here in the dark
Track Name: Elegy for a new day pt1: descent
t the sound of rain on my face,
I descend the ethereal lake,
where in past my young eyes seen your vision...
my soul felt the magic arts.

When I breath the air of this place
I feel the life that runs around me
and this miracle was created by you,
white siren of the lake.

Crowned by the storm.
Here lives my beauty sorceress, queen of this pure land
Guardian of the nature,
in her eyes live the stars

Emerald throne.
splendid lightly shores she defends with her arts
fantastic red of sunset were reflected by her black hair.

Hidden to our egoism
Hidden to evil human eyes.
Only innocence can see the paradise,
with no any fear...

When I cry behind the stars,
when I call again your name,
as the blood inside my veins
I can't refuse this gathering.

When I cry behind the stars

But the fog covers my eyes, and the land becomes obscure.
All the spirits of the nature in the lake
dances together at the rythm of your rites.
and the dark gloomy shadow of the night
slowly hides your magic spell
to my eyes ...

The land refuses to embrace me.
My inner pain, my agony.

Mother hear me, take me, cure me, save me.

Alone falls my last breath
without any sound,
without any mercy.
She destroys my life with silence.

Pure light kisses my forehead
shining hand caress my skin.
Where is my sadness goes now?
I can't feel it anymore around me
Pure light heals my wounds
you'll make me whole again.

Silence is my weapon, my only salvation.

What ever sense my life has now?
it's a brand new day
What ever price my soul has to pay?
Now the silence has to wear my calm.
Track Name: Elegy for a new day pt2: redemption
You are welcome in me as I in you.
And you hold my silence, divine entity of the lake

When the new day has begin,
and all sense find a sense
a new elegy for a coming day
changes trascendence in true believing
all the images to my eyes
inhance the extasy for a world revealed.
When you goddes smiles
and proudly stands upon your throne of miracles, unbound.

And the rain will play again on my shining face
I'll be bright like the sun with a mission to be done.
Now the nightmare disappears, I will hold my remembrances for you.

An elegy for a new day
Track Name: Black cometh
I am eternal flame that burns every sky.
The ancient light of cosmos, myterious life of space.
I'm older than the time, more silent than the silence
They watch me in fear in the entirety of the night.

The words of destiny were written on my skin.
I'm endless.

I am the black cometh, I dominate the night.
I'm pure obscure fury, I will cancell the life
Old men praise for their destiny, I can sovverse the elements.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Track Name: My long journey
I awake myself after a long, long sleep
new colours are burning my eyes.
Embrace my senses, this faery litany.
I hold my new identity.
The air is moving, I breath again.
My spirit can touch the sky.
I born again, I'll burn the days,
tomorrow in flames.

A new star burns high in this grey sky.
I see the landscape.
I take my space and time.

Forget the words
I crawl my resistance
and burn the false credence about this living.

I feel the storm that comes in me,
the ice purifies my skin
the price of the sacrifice.
A dream of joy inside a tear, a dream of harmony.
my secret, I want to realize.

The stars enchant me
and show the way I 'll take
My long journey will be the way to realize my dream.

Forget the words
I crawl my resistance
and burn the false credence about this living.

I feel the storm that comes in me,
the ice purifies my skin
the price of the sacrifice.
A dream of joy inside a tear, a dream of harmony.
my secret i want to realize.

My long journey, for ever I walk, I walk alone.

The stars enchant my eyes
and show the way I 'll take
My long journey will be the time to realize my dream.

Open my eyes and see an ocean of lies.
Track Name: Flowing sin
I've created this way, all for my reason and will
then I've re-created my mind and here I've imprisoned me.
A new opportunity,
biologic machinery that will erases all the lies .
All my repent is denied without no kind of remorse.

No I am what the people hate,
the sound of interference,
iced wind that cuts them flesh.

Tell me the meaning of fear, the real meaning of fear.
It will be clear for my eyes.

I... I cut my link with the world and with this new dimension of sin

How many tears a child can cries, in this void nothing else.
Can we may call this way of life, a new dimension of sin?

I feel them breath, I feel them lies
Time hunts our life again & again.

A celebration of materialism,
they pray false preachers, false ideologies.
Who gives his hand with the hope to be helped,
will be forget in the sand of the indifference.

I can start to break and burn with my voice this false morality,
like a storm with my primordial chant I will arise from their fog.
Silent work, It will be clear in my mind, secret forces in disguise
Waiting for, my psychological war will erase all the spheres of your thought.

All from my mind, from my sick mind.

How many tears falls from our eyes.
A new frontier, oh no, a new dimension of sin.
You feel them breath, you feel my lies
Time hunts their lifes again & again.
Track Name: 1,000 scars (by time)
The silence
the light I never seen
My essence
The Hope I never felt

A new creation, an abstract form called time.
another secret to discover behind the lines
a new dimension for our lifes
Alone I remain forgotten in decay

I try to find another way to save my humanity
1000 scars by time for me.
My fear of coming end will consume my sanity
and all the quintessence of my life

Oh my essence
intrapped in the human form
key of madness,
the secret I ever searched

Deadly invenction, an abstract form called time:
I feel to be consumed by nothing and slowly I die

1000 scars will kiss my flesh.
Condemned when I was born.
1000 scars by time for me
The pray of a silent ghost...

A war to take controll,
A war against the edge of nature
slowly consumed we are condemned, awaiting death...

This is a war to take control,
A war against the edge of nature
slowly consumed we are condemned, awaiting the end now.
A war of living ghost, fought trought the years and day
No hope to survive.
I will burn by hell flames

No hope to survive from the manipolation of destiny, the weapon is the time, deadly invenction.

Oh my essence,
entrapped in human form
key of madness
the secret I ever search